E-commerce Website Design Dubai

Your Shopify website design, done right. We design and build your website with the perfect look, feel, and curated customer site journey on the Shopify platform. We’re a Shopify-approved Dubai agency with a proven record of boosting traffic and sales conversions.

The e-commerce trend is here to stay. Companies are scaling at rapid rates thanks to the advances in ecommerce capabilities. Investing now in opening, expanding, or improving your ecommerce business will likely have great returns in the future. The Ebiz Experts ecommerce web design Dubai team is ready to make your ecommerce web business stand out. Excellent ecommerce design is vital in converting visitors into buyers and also overall growth. Our ecommerce website design company Dubai has the expertise you need to grow your business or project. We can help you in creating custom solutions for your e-commerce site. When you work with our e-commerce web design Dubai team, the end result is a website on Shopify built to generate revenues. We will build you a website with a customized look & feel engineered to drive traffic, convert more sales, and increase average order value. We build Shopify websites that are fast, reliable, bug-free, and offer you an unparalleled experience. Our excellent Shopify design takes customers by the hand through your customized shopping process to the checkout so they can easily click “buy.”

Brand Alignment

The first goal of our Dubai Shopify web design team is to hone in on your project’s mission and your company’s vision and brand. An understanding of your business will inform our building process.


Our team of Shopify web experts researches your company’s competitors in Dubai, the UAE, and beyond. We take a deep look at their websites, user experience, and e-commerce environment.

Design and Optimize

Our team of Dubai designers builds your Shopify website based on your company’s custom set of goals. We optimize your Shopify online store for look and feel as well as functional performance. 


Test, Redefine, and Tweak

With all new clients, the first goal of our Shopify web design team is to hone in on your mission, vision, and brand. A deep understanding of your business will inform our web design process. Through our Shopify website experience, we aim to cultivate a seamless brand experience for your customers that results in more sales.  

Test, Redefine, and Tweak

Our commitment to your website and Shopify e-commerce experience doesn’t stop at look & feel. We test, iterate, and check all the functionality of your site to ensure excellent online usability. 


Why Choose Us for Ecommerce Web Design in Dubai?

  1. Shopify-Approved Agency: our e-commerce web design UAE company has been vetted by Shopify and they have determined us to be an excellent web partner. We have the capability to create a best-in-class website for your business. Your Shopify website is your business’s window to the world, we want to make your Shopify site shine.
  2. Personalized Shopify Approach: we use the Shopify web platform as a base for creating a stunning, customized website for your company. Each Dubai e-commerce website is unique and we approach your project as a fully customizable website. We can help your unique selling propositions stand out with a fantastic Shopify website.
  3. Expert Team of E-commerce Designers: our team of Shopify web designers know how to maximize your Shopify website potential in terms of design, look and feel, and wow factor. Our e-commerce website design Dubai team has advanced knowledge for growing your business.
  4. Deep Understanding of E-commerce Behavior: we have a dedicated team of Shopify e-commerce UAE user experience experts who understand the nuances of the online Shopify customer site journey. The Shopify design and user experience of your website are incredibly important to the success of your business. Good e-commerce is a science and we have the team to execute great strategy through website building.
  5. True to Deadlines and Budgets: we always respect your business’s budget and deadlines and maximize your investment. We will never charge you more than you were originally quoted for your website Shopify project.