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Logo & Branding

Have a new business idea, but need help to bring that creative vision to life? We have a team of heavy weight graphic designers who have worked with some of the biggest brands globally. 

We can create amazing logo design for you and if you need the full package we can work on a brand guidelines document which provides the go-to guide for any future design work you may need done. 

Design & UX

Design & UX are the basis of what we do best. We can create user-centric inspiring designs which do not only serve to convert but also to retain customers. Our graphic designers are the best in the business and we can build you a site which is unique to your brand & inspires your customers to do what you want them to do most. 

We are often engaged on projects for ecommerce stores which are doing well, but need to supercharge their revenue. Conversion optimisation best practises can make the world of difference. 


We can custom develop pretty much anything possible into the Shopify platform. Our developers / coders understand the need for clean, accurate code to ensure your site performs at the highest possible level. 

We can custom code you an entire theme, modify an existing theme to deliver more functionality, build you a custom application or connect your store to another platform via the API’s. More deatails on these below…


Aware that your platform is not the best match for your business growth? We have carried out countless migrations from many different platforms over to Shopify. It can be a daunting task when you have a lot of products or data to migrate over but we’re experts in migrations and guarantee to alleviate the typical stress from such a project. 

Replatforming can take many different shapes; does it involve a redesign, or should we clone your current site onto Shopify? Do you need customer data and order history migrated? Do you need SEO/URL’s to be carried over? Don’t worry we can take care of many different requirements based on your needs. 

SEO & Data Migration

Migrating to a new platform can lead to a big knock to traffic and revenue if not done right. Your Google ranking you’ve worked so hard on can disappear overnight after replatforming. 

We have all the tools and tricks to ensure that this is a seamless process with minimal impact. URL’s, keywords, Google search console are all areas which we are specialists on. 

International Expansion

Your ecommerce store may be doing very well in your local market, but you’re aware that it could do more if you expand into international markets. We can advise on a strategy and then propose an implementation plan which you may need us to execute.

Shopify & Shopify Plus are the optimal platform for you to consider when your goal is international selling. We can guide you through the process.

Conversion Rate Optimisation

If your ecommerce store is not struggling for traffic yet your conversion metrics are low then this is a sign that you need to focus more on conversion optimisation. Many users adding to cart but not checking out? Many users spending time on the product pages but not adding to cart? These are the kind of issues we can assist with. 

Our UX specialists & developers are experts in analysing a stores analytic data and finding root source of issues. Often your customers may be in a rush, or just need that extra push, that gleaming big add-to-cart button that encourages them to do so. We can advise and implement solutions to this. 

Peformance enhancement

Slow or poorly coded stores can wreak havoc on your SEO & UX. We can perform a scan and analysis of your site performance and then generate a propoal and plans to enhance.

There are many uncommonly known tricks and tips to avoid a slow, low performance store. Get in touch, we can talk you through it!

Systems Integrations

Many businesses struggle with the multiple systems they run to make their business a success. Shopify is an awesome platform with many integrations already available, but there are also many great systems you’ll need a custom integration with. 

We are experts at finding ways to create entirely automated integrations between systems. Your POS you use in your bricks and mortar, your ERP, Accounting software all can be connected to Shopify through those wonderful things you’ve probably heard of – API’s. Let us guide you through the process and find the most economical route possible. 

Online-to-offline strategy (O2O)

Shopify offer a very strong POS application which integrates perfectly with pretty much zero lag with your online store. There are many omnichannel technologies available to connect your online to offline systems. 

We have the info and expertise to provide you with an informed decision on what’s right for your business as you move bilaterally from online to offline. 

Custom app development

Require some functionality which Shopify cannot currently offer or you cannot find in the Appstore? There is always a solution and usually that comes in the form of a custom application. We can build and design you a custom app hosted on an external server which will provide the functionality you require. 

We’ve done this countless times for our clients and you might be surprised at the solution we can offer you after an initial consultation. 

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