Custom Shopify App Developers in Dubai

We simplify Shopify app development and design to help your ecommerce store integrate the functionality it needs to do great work. We specialize in building Shopify custom app integrations to support your specific needs and processes.

Most Shopify business owners, at some point on their ecommerce journey, find that they need a special function for their store. Whether you need a specific Shopify app for importing a high volume of specialized product SKUs, or a certain inventory or accounting functionality, or a customized user experience feature on the front end, we can handle your Shopify custom app development and design. Our dedicated app team works to build functionality tailored to your customer experience and in-house business standard operating procedures.

Types of Custom Shopify Apps We Can Develop


Wishlist Apps

Our Shopify app development Dubai team is ready to build a shopping wishlist app made for your ecommerce product selection. A custom Shopify wishlist app is an ideal way to create an interactive shopping experience for customers with functionality built for your business. We’ve analyzed user behavior and know that if an online shopper uses the wishlist, they are significantly more likely to buy and become repeat buyers.


Pre-Order Management

Our Shopify app development services team seeks to maximize the discovery phase of the customer journey on Shopify as key to a successful sales cycle. Our Shopify custom app development will use your unique product offer to design and develop a winning prospecting and outreach system for potential buyers on your Shopify store. These first few moments of discovery are key to your online ecommerce business success and the functionality that goes along with the app integration can be tricky


eCard Fulfillment

Having an easy-to-use eCard is a quick way to generate revenue with your Shopify site. We can build your custom Shopify integrated app fully developed for your product and fulfillment method. Once a customer has a great experience with your eCard, they will gift it over and over again. This kind of app integration seems simple but it has been shown to lead to great returns.

Who Choose Us for Shopify App Development in Dubai

Our Shopify app development company Dubai is superior and is a leading service in the Shopify app development field. Custom Shopify features and unique tweaks are the soul of any good Shopify ecommerce site. We have unmatched expertise when it comes to building Shopify apps and developing specialized functionalities. We exceed in creating five-star rated caliber Shopify apps that will set your ecommerce store apart from the competition. You should consider choosing Ebiz Experts to build your custom apps and handle your integrations.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to choose the right e-commerce platform for my website?

No two e-commerce businesses are alike. Our team of platform experts gets to know you and makes a platform suggestion based on your web business characteristics.

How much does it cost to develop an e-commerce website?

Our e-commerce website UAE services are always affordable. We suggest solutions that are right for your budget.

Why should I choose Ebiz Experts for e-commerce website development?

We have more years of e-commerce experience than most ecommerce website development companies in the Dubai market.

What e-commerce technologies do you use?

We are versed in just about every e-commerce technology out there from Shopify, to Stripe, to Quickbooks. We are ready to integrate the latest e-commerce tech into your business.

How long does it take for e-commerce website development?

Lead times for projects can take anywhere from a few weeks to a few months depending on your needs.